Decentralized delivery for the crypto world

Bitpost will be a fully decentralized, cryptocurrency-based P2P network connecting independent couriers, pickup points, warehouses, parcel lockers and more, for the purpose of global routing and delivery of parcels.


The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is on the way. Every year, more and more online stores start accepting crypto and stablecoin payments. Merchants have noticed the benefits of paying with digital currencies as opposed to oppressive banking system. Unfortunately, all the modern solutions in the crypto and e-commerce industries ends with the payment process itself. After the payment, the products must be shipped by traditional courier companies that deliver parcels slowly, without protecting our privacy, with a lot of formalities and with payment only through the banking system.

Our solution to this problem is Bitpost – our most important and most advanced project. Bitpost will be a fully decentralized, cryptocurrency-based P2P network connecting independent couriers, pickup points, warehouses, parcel lockers and more, for the purpose of global routing and delivery of physical parcels.

The Network


A place where parcels are sorted and assigned to couriers


A place where parcels are sorted and assigned to couriers

Parcel Lockers

Automated sending and receiving of parcels

Parcel Lockers

Automated sending and receiving of parcels


Delivers shipments or transports them between hubs


Delivers shipments or transports them between hubs

Fulfillment warehouses

Stores the goods of third-party sellers

Fulfillment warehouses

Stores the goods of third-party sellers


The backbone of the Bitpost network will be Bitpost Hubs. Any Bitpost courier can bring a parcel from the sender to the nearest hub. Then other couriers take it and transport to the next hubs, up to the closest hub to the recipient. The hub is responsible for sorting shipments and issuing them to the appropriate couriers. Anyone can open their own hub and earn BPX tokens each time a package passes through it. Are you the owner of your store or other business with a physical office? Expand your business to operate a Bitpost Hub and earn more – in crypto.


Anyone can become a Bitpost courier and earn BPX tokens for each carried parcel. Install the app, search for parcels need to be transported on the map and go on the road without any obligations and formalities, because you can be a Bitpost courier as a full-time job, weekends activity, or only for an hour. Are you going from one city to another? Take a few packages along the way, get paid in cryptocurrencies and minimize fuel costs. Do you often ride a bike in the city? Take and deliver few smaller envelope packages and get a profit from your hobby.

Parcel Locker

The Bitpost network will also support the parcel lockers – in a completely open way. Anyone can buy or even build by own the machine and become its operator. After connecting it to electricity and the Internet, and downloading open source software, it will become a full-fledged element of the Bitpost network, and couriers will be able to place parcels in it. You can become a Parcel Locker producer and earn money by selling ready-made devices.

Fulfillment Warehouse

Have unused warehouse space? Rent it to the Bitpost network and earn BPX tokens. It does not matter whether it is a large hall of a company or a home garage.





Proof of Space and Time

Block time

18.75 seconds

Blocks per day


Block reward

20 BPX*

Max circulating supply

415 523 000 BPX


every 3 years

* 200 BPX up to height of 1.000.000 (initial period)

BPX coin is the exclusive payment method of the Bitpost network. Cryptocurrency is used for:

  • payment for shipping by senders
  • rewarding hubs operators, couriers, etc.
  • collateral deposits
  • payment of compensation in case of parcel loss or damage

Invest in Bitpost

Invest in the future of the crypto e-commerce industry. Buy BPX tokens on the non-KYC exchange built by us from the scratch. When the Bitpost network goes live, you will be able to use the BPX tokens purchased now for all the purposes listed above.


Always on the move

Traditional courier companies have their transports between sorting facilities usally once a day. It does not matter whether the sender and receiver are separated by ten or thousand kilometers, if you send a parcel, it will be delivered at least next day. Bitpost will be working completely different. Independent couriers, the number of which is unlimited in a given area, can transport parcels between hubs even every few minutes, if there is such a need. Thanks to this, when the Bitpost network reaches the appropriate size and the hubs are located in close proximity to each other, it will be completely normal for the parcel to be delivered on the same day on which it was shipped.

At night, on Sundays and holidays, the number of active couriers should be much smaller, which means that the rewards for a single courier should be much higher than normal. Such a mechanism naturally encourages to be active all the time. Have you ordered your dream product in the online store and you can’t wait for it? Would you prefer the courier to deliver the purchase to you even in the middle of the night so as not to have to wait until the next day? In a traditional courier company, you can only dream, but with Bitpost there is no problem with it!

100% safe

How do we deal with people who have bad intentions? Bitpost is not a centralized company that can take legal action against its employees. The network is made up of ordinary people who do not sign any contract and do not have to give any of their personal data, even their first name. In such a situation, it is easy to come across a person with bad intentions. For example, someone might join as a courier just to pick up a few parcels and disappear with them forever. In order to avoid such situations, each member of the Bitpost network must pay the collateral amount in BPX tokens, which cannot be lower than the value of the parcels entrusted to this person. In case of theft, loss or damage of parcels, the courier or hub or parcel locker operator responsible for this will lose part of his collateral, which will then be paid to the sender of the parcel. Such a mechanism makes any abuses unprofitable, and makes the Bitpost network safe.

Perfect tracking or no trace

PerfectTrack is the name of our package tracking system – the first such system in the world. Instead of a list of meaningless statuses that change every half a day, in Bitpost you get a map where you can see where your package is with an accuracy of a few meters, speed with which it is moving, traveled and remaining distance and much more. All this is possible thanks to the aggregation of data sent by applications installed on the devices of couriers and hubs. PerfectTrack will be an open source protocol. You will be able to use our public servers or receive tracking information by your own API and present it to users on your own.

But if you expect more anonymity from crypto-based delivery service, the Onion Routing will be available. This is the same technique that Tor project is using, bring into the real world for parcels routing instead of internet packets routing. If you use Onion routing, you can ship the package that there is no technical possibility for the sender to know who the recipient is, and for the recipient to know who the sender is, and for any courier along the way to check who the sender or recipient is. When using Onion Routing, the sender and receiver have a separate package tracking link that shows the sender only the way from their home to a fixed halfway point (the equivalent of a Randezvouz point from the Tor network) and the receiver only sees the information from that point to their home. Complete privacy.

Dynamic pricing

Bitpost services do not have a fixed price. You will pay for shipping the package as much as you want. However, how much you offer will depend on how long your parcel will reach the recipient. A parcel with a higher fee will be attractive for couriers and will certainly reach the recipient quickly. On the other hand, a parcel sent with a minimal, almost zero cost will wait longer, but the courier should pick it up “by the way” anyway. When your shipment gets stuck somewhere in the network due to a too low fee, you can make an additional payment at any stage of transport. This works in a similar way to transaction fees for cryptocurrency transfers and after a longer period of operation of the Bitpost network, it will be possible to predict how much should be paid for the shipment to arrive at the expected date. Small, lightweight envelope shipments can be delivered by couriers on bicycles and electric scooters, so they can arrive just as quickly as large packages, with significantly lower shipping costs.


Next stages

Decentralized fulfillment

The decentralized fulfillment service is designed for online retailers. Want to deliver products to your customers in an unbelievably short time? Install the application and select the region where your customers are located (city, country, continent or the whole world?). Then prepare your stock of goods for collection by the Bitpost courier. Your stock will be divided into smaller batches and propagated to many warehouses selected by the algorithm. When you sell your item, the Bitpost network will deliver the product from the warehouse closest to the customer, even in less than an hour. Isn’t it amazing?

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